Saturday, March 15, 2008

Red Shrine - big reveal!!!

Drrrrrrrum roll, please!

Here it is 15th of March - the date that I set for the "big reveal" of my Red Shrine. On the HeArt Yahoo Group the ladies have been rolling them out. Such cool work and what an honor to have them all be willing to show where they are with things even amidst indecision and insecurity. I love them all!

Here are the rest of my process pix:

This shot shows the paper that Lexee and I made together.

Here is the heart shaped coral that we found on the beach in Ixtapa on our anniversary... along with a hotel key that had been on the beach for a looooong time... hint, hint... oh and you can see the door collage in the background.

In this shot you see another piece of beach coral that's been put into the attic - it felt like another part of the heart - kind of like the aorta - oh and speaking of romantic-ish stuff... look at my wedding picture in the background! ahhh cute kids!

Here is a close up of the door assemblage... I think its my favorite part. Inside the locket is a teeny tiny picture of a lotus blossom... mmmmm symbol-ly... try saying that out loud and not sounding ridiculous!!!

Here is the piece with the roof and the base added:

Here is the piece finished door open:

So, whattaya think? Shrinerriffic? Lame? Lamerriffic?


  1. WOW! That's totally awesome. I love the juxtaposition of the anatomical heart with the heart shaped coral! Brilliant!

  2. Girlfriend!!!
    What an amazing shrine!!!
    This piece totally inspires and is SHRINERRIFFIC!!!
    LOVE the locket on the front!!

    I am almost done with mine--late as usual.


  3. Julee, this is majorly cool. I love it, everything about it. Also, your wedding picture is great. Your hubby is cute!

  4. shrinerriffic works... i made it up so i don't expect others to remember it, but that is 100% Julee Vocab... Shrinerriffic!

    Thanks to all of you ladies for the kind words...

    Love you!

  5. I think it's beautiful! Really nice, and verrry shrinerriffic =)



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