Friday, January 26, 2007

Julee Herrmann Artist Teacher Bio

Julee Herrmann
Danville, CA

Make the two-foot drop from head to heart. This is my motto. This is what drives my art and my work as the principal teacher in the HeArt Collective—along with a big helping of innate curiosity.

My momma called it nosy, but really I’m just a curious cat seeking out new experiences in life. I seek to learn from other cultures and spiritual teachers and transform these experiences into stories and art. I will research anything that piques my interest and pursue new ideas from the heart. Because of this, my art is constantly evolving.

The evolution began at an early age, as I was born into a family of artists. I looked on and learned as my great grandfather, grandmother and mother created wondrous works of art. The creative spirit is in my blood. I just needed to find my own artistic passion, which happened while creating a scrapbook for my daughter’s first birthday. I took a class in card making and encountered an altered book on display. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I knew this was how I was meant to communicate and started on my path.

I adore making jewelry and building shrines and I’m passionate about creating in three dimensions and juxtaposing the old and decrepit with shiny and new. Mixed-media art is like a spiritual homecoming that empowers me to integrate head, heart and humor. I love to research, take classes and apply what I learn to my ever-evolving art. I love to incorporate my family history in any way possible. I see art in the simplest things, like my daughter’s hands, a piece of copper sulfide or a flower from Grandma’s Colorado wildflowers flower press.

Art allows me to express myself most fully, and I love to help others on their creative paths and encourage them to express their souls’ desires. When we move things out of our way either physically or emotionally and allow ourselves to be fully expressed we uncover a whole new self.

Now, I am the Mom to one curious little cat who just started at the Adventure School in Danville,CA where I'm the teacher, I am also wife to a talented businessman and thrilled to share my art work with the world on a daily basis! Come play at the HeArt Collective!


  1. your works are very beautiful and the passion for the past that emerges from your jewellery reminds me the same passion that I try to transfer in my creations!

  2. Julee it's such a blessing to meet you...and see a fellow entrepenuer who loves helping people as well! Your sodering video was awesome ....I am so ready to take a class it looks like fun!!!!

  3. thanks, sweets!
    i'm putting together a series of online courses with 3 different projects its going to be so fun to be able to connect with my online sisterhood in art!
    big love!


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