Saturday, May 24, 2008

See It Say It Saturday on ZNE

As a member of the ZNE Design Team I get to participate in a cool program called See It Say It Saturday where we are invited to choose another member's art work and create a response to that.

I have long enjoyed the work of the woman whose work I chose. She's the kind of person who makes you proud to be human and she is a talented artist. I feel this is a great opportunity to acknowledge, Ana Maria "Ria" Seaton for her great work in the art community and her philanthropic efforts nation wide.

I came across this piece by Ria and I was immediately in love with it. My life is filled with Geminis... no really... my little girl, my husband, my mom and my brother. I also have several friends whose birthdays also fall into the Gemini phase of the zodiac. The Gemini sign is ruled by Mercury... the Messenger... who is typically depicted as having wings on his feet... what does all of that mean?

Well, let's just say that this particular piece, by Ria, reminds me of them...

Here is my response in assemblage... my poor family... they really live with a woman who will alter anything that isn't nailed down... these WERE my daughter's shoes!


  1. Julee, these are beautiful shoes!!! do you have them in a size 11??????

  2. Jules - so sweet! I love them!


  3. These are just beautiful! I'll take a pair in a size 8 with a heal please:-) Great art response!

  4. ROFL You too? Both my boyfriend and my daughter are Gemini; Val's birthday was this past Friday and my Ysa's is coming up Sunday.

    Thank you so much for the kind words, they are sorely needed right now as these are stressful times for me. :::fond hugs::: For those who don't know her, Julee is a pretty incredible lady and I am blessed to know have her in my life. Thank you again hun. :)

    This is one of a series called If the Gods Wore Pumps. As soon as I have time I hope to get around to actually finishing them and posting them. I'll post the series on Flickr (Renmeleon there too) when I do.

    ...Ysa wants a pair of the shoes. LOL She loves the butterflies. hehe

  5. Aw....Julee!!!! They are soooooo SWEET!!!!
    Nice job!
    Tiffany :)

  6. oh those are so much better than plain copper coating. Absolutely fantastic shoes Julee. Hugz, Scary


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