Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Workshop of the Universe

Well, the Universe continues to give me the gentle push I need to move forward. In this case it was a phone call from my friend Michael... he invited me to fill out the forms that he was sending me... I went ahead, downloaded the forms and then started to fill them out... the forms are for proposing classes for a festival of workshops and vending for artists.

I am struggling with the name of the classes for my Feng Shui Shrines... it just doesn't roll off the tongue... y'know?

So here are some ideas that Simon and I brainstormed last night:
Elemental Shrines
Shrine of Elements
Personal FengShui Shrine
Art of Placement Shrines
Well Placed Altars
Altaring Your FengShui

I don't love any of them, but maybe I'm just looking at them too much or am being to critical... when you look at the names of the other classes at ArtFest they run the gamut from really creative to totally straight forward. They are supposed to be no more than 3 words. As a newbie I really want mine to be intriguing.

Any input?

Muchas Gracias!


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  1. I think my favorite is Well Placed Altars, although I think the use of the word "personal" would get people's attention.

    Hmm. So I guess I'm not being all that helpful...



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