Sunday, July 20, 2008

Workshop schedule

Tomorrow is going to be so much fun over at Poetry on Canvas in Pleasanton!

I am going to be working with YOU on making Altered Shoes. Here is the class description...

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Do you have the pair of your kids' shoes that you SWORE you were going to have bronzed, but never did? Do you have her ballet shoes or soccer cleats? How about his favorite cowboy boots? We all have them tucked away somewhere safe! How can you Capture those Precious Days? How about an Altered Shoe project to make them special and bring them into your lives again?

A few years ago I was invited to participate in an altered shoe project and was blown away at the rewarding feeling of working in 3D with these GREAT shoes that I just didn't use any more... those became images of the iconic shoes from Wizard of Oz... one was Rubee and the other Witchy... super popular they were snapped up by some of my friends in the Altered Art world. Longing for a new experience with this medium I started looking around for some other shoes and my eyes landed on those darling white MaryJane's that my little girl had just worn for Easter... Ah-Ha! What a way to memorialize those little shoes... everyone loves them and keeps asking me to work with them to create such a memento for their own family.

Bring your favorite shoes, any ideas you have for altering them and and I'll bring supplies to bring your ideas to life! I'll also be demonstrating Jean Bernard's wing techniques for those of you who love a touch of the fantasy world! This class is a short format class – plan to finish one shoe, but if you work quick you may get to both shoes.

Can't wait to get started! We have just two hours to get this project done... mark your calendars for

Monday July 21st 6pm – 8pm Pleasanton's Poetry ON Canvas

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