Monday, October 6, 2008

Fantastic Weekend of Workshops

The following is excerpted from a note I sent out last night:

Oh my gosh, you guys, I had so much fun today! I taught at a new place where I have met and worked with the owners before, but I hadn't taught at their shop before. I teach art workshops in the arena of mixed media/collage/jewelry making to fabulously open people... Today, the workshop was filled with these wonderful women who were so rich and giving and fun and creative. If I'm not the most blessed person! I love doing this work and am thrilled that I have another weekend filled with wonder and creativity next weekend and a few more weekends this fall.

And really that about sums it up! We had Halloween Trivia which was fun and funny... the ladies won some FABULOUS prizes and no one went home empty handed! Their projects came out great... Here are some "process pictures of the class...


  1. How come you never play Halooween trivia with me? I could use some knowledge on the topic! ;)


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