Thursday, May 14, 2009

I have been on a blog-cation

... well, i don't know what to call it, but you know when you have 14 things to do in 15 minutes all day every day for oh, about a month? yeah, me too...

sometimes i just have to leave something aside so that i can focus.  well, much of the
 extra-ordinary excitment has disspated (please) and now we should be able to get on with the silliness of Spring and planning for the Mermaids & Warriors Art Camp!

This month we've had fun with friends:

These were taken during ZNE's Convenzione... The talented and always lovely Alison Downey laughing at me (very likely because I'm wearing 2 pairs of glasses - WHATEVER!) AND the charming Lisa Kettell and I donning the luscious lips! 

Taught Classes on the FLY!


Created a whole line of Reliquary Kits with a little help from my friends:

Hosted a little Altered Dominoes Swap on Facebook - too cool to hold all of that art in my own little hand to see more pictures of these up close on the flickr

Learned how to make jewelry in a WHOLE NEW WAY thanks to Ruth Rae!

From her class I learned how to hammer metal into beautiful links of various size and pattern...
so MUCH FUN! Every person's work was more beautiful than the next! 

From seeing her work in person I really was inspired to sew... much to my Mom's utter GLEE! I used scraps from my mom's work room and her knowledge to create a cuff today... Shhhh don't tell Stacey... its coming her way as soon as I put a few finishing touches on... hammered copper of course!

Gosh... then we had Jon Troast here with about 40 of my closest friends, family and neighbors!
If you don't already know this guy you MUST go to his website and check out his music. You can also subscribe to his podcast... you can hear our silliness on #50 half way through his 100 concerts in 100 days! This guys music connects people through his wonderful knack for storytelling.

Before we knew it I was so darned tired that this:

and this became the normal scene...

And now I have all of these lovely things to think about, be inspired by and play with!!!

Dream on... Dream on .... Dream until your dreams come true...



  1. great post. Dream on Girlfriend !!!! I will Dream right along woth you, Hugs, Mica

  2. Hi!
    Hey, you have a picture called "Red Shrine" here on your blog- on the right hand side with a lucky 7 charm with a heart locket dangling down.
    Who gave it to you?
    Or where did you get it?

  3. For reals...I LOVE that necklace!!!! Good job lady!!!!!!!


Oooooh BLoGgEE love!