Saturday, July 25, 2009

One week Post-Op

7/25 - AM Post

Posted 55 minutes ago

"It’s the friends you can call up at four a.m. that matter." - Marlene Dietrich

Good morning friends,
It's Saturday morning and just a week ago at this time Stacey was a couple of hours out of surgery, what an amazing week. Amy stayed with Stacey overnight last night and said that she did well. We are so thankful for Amy being here, she's a source of strength that the three of us needed right now... plus she's someone else to razz a little!

We hope and pray for another stable day with Stacey. Some of the goals today will be to have her sitting in a chair for at least an hour and getting her standing and taking just a few steps. This literally is a 'one step at a time' process. The doctors will start respiratory therapy by taking her off the ventilator for a short time, lowering the settings on the machine and doing breathing exercises; she is also doing physical therapy.

The things that the doctors are watching very closely right now are her liver and lungs. They are hoping that the steroid treatment for liver rejection will make an overall difference to several complications right now. They did not do a biopsy to officially diagnose the rejection, but all the signs point to that. There is also a possibility of infection in the lungs because of the ventilator and her immune suppressive meds. I mention this not to put focus and energy into what "can" go wrong, more to know what can happen and get everyone focused on calling on our collective strength to fly by these potential threats unscathed.

We love and appreciate every message and to everyone who is keeping up with Stacey's progress and story, sending prayers and healing to her. She has high spirits, does not want to get get sappy and sad, just keep her mind focused on the goals above and keep moving step at a time.

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