Sunday, November 18, 2007

Dia de Los Muertos Chunky Books

I'm finally finished with the binding of the Dia de Los Muertos themed chunky books!!! I have seen other books done this way, but no one ever said I end up with my hands bruised from hole punching all of those pages!

Soooo glad they're done! I'm sure my participants will be glad to FINALLY get their books. It really was one thing and then another. First there was the typical challenge of getting pages from the artists... and then I left for Mexico for a little over a week AND then was the part where I was too sick to move AND last was the part where Lexee was too sick and was in the hospital. So here we are a month later, finally FINALLY getting these books out to the artists... on to the next chunky book...

Above is an example of a page done by friend, artist Anne Marie Davies...

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