Monday, April 7, 2008

Charming Sam on ZNE

I've been working with collage sheets that were sent to me from one of ZNE's vendors who is here in the Bay Area. Charming Sam offered them to the ZNE Design Team for our product review and so far I've been having a lot of fun playing with the great variety vintage images.

There were two bigger sheets one that was from a vintage children's book Ballad of the Hare and one Russian Empire themed and there was also a smaller bonus sheet that I'm not clear that it had a theme, but the images were all tiny and I LOVE that!!!

Here is one that was the most challenging for me, I'm not sure I'm done with it just yet, but the ladies and I have been hanging out for about a week and here's where we are this far:
I may be done or I may mount it onto a vintage book and build a structure around it to give it more of a shrine feeling. Look how cool these images are, though. I love the ladies. And that thing that I funkified in the upper right hand corner was a photographic image of an old school crown.

Really amazing and unique collage sheets!

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  1. Jul, I'm loving the ladies! Yep, I think they need some sort of frame or framework, some sort of border or edging, a context into which they can fit and settle in. But otherwise, I think they are great! HUGS, Marilyn


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