Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Today is a gift that's why they call it the Present

Gosh, we've had an action packed week!!! We have just had my husband go through a major business transition, I'm standing on the precipice of a dream job I'm making myself (in true DIY STYLE! LOL) and The Littlest Herrmann is just about to wrap making an amazing film, by a stand out team of writer/director and producers from Santa Clara's film program. WHEW! 

In order to wrap things up in style, yesterday, we headed to San Francisco's MOMA with a few girl friends... the museum let us in an hour before the place opened and it was DIVINE to have this private tour by a lovely docent who let our girls make art right there among the Mondrian and the Albers these are my favorite memories from the day...

Rothko Love <3

Robert Rauschenberg <3 x 3

Girls Making Art at SF MOMA

Merry Go-Round Yerba Buena
Tomorrow Alexia Shea will be heading to a photoshoot with Haley Hudson where they played Nora in the story of this woman's life. What a dream to be making movie magic right along side of tomorrow's stars. 

On the set of Nora - Alexia is in the purple sweater 
Today is the day to tell you about what's on my Work Table Wednesday... on my work table is a gift... one to myself and one to my MOMself :) see what I did there? Yes, they are both for me... I bought them as a present to myself for living through the last week! So, this is what I'm doing at my worktable today... reading, folding laundry, catching up with emails and Facebook Love AND planning another get together with my WTW friend Heather and her awesomely artful kid! Can't wait... that'll be up next week! YEAH!!!

Today is a Gift <3
Tonight will be catching up with that Book of Days of mine AND planning my Dream Catcher with my SouLodge sisters. 

Have a peek at my WTW friends Barbe St. John from Saints and Sinners who is on the same tiny bottle soldering wave length with me! ,  Sherry at Portobella Lane who is losing her head AND remodelling her bathroom and Heather Bluhm who is wishing us a Happy Easter!

Now, go get your CRAFT ON!!!


  1. You really have had a busy time of it! Changes a comin' and good ones at that! A movie being filmed with Alexia right in the thick of it all and art at the MOMA! There is nothing like children creating art while surrounded by art created by the masters...and a private tour as well. Love that you have gifted yourself and that this is what is on your work table. It doesn't always need to be "work" related -- just what fills us with pleasure! And another get-together with the Bluhm girls...can't wait to hear about that!

  2. Lots of GOOD change coming for ya!! I'm so so SO happy for you!!! woo hoo!



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