Monday, April 14, 2008

If today were my last day...

If this were my last day I would spend it with my family... if today were my last day I wouldn't spend it online so what am I doing? Well, I don't really know... let me bumble around here and find out... I guess I want to work and do my art work, but I can be in the mind that this may be my last day, week, month, year... in the process of doing my art I tend to be online as though this electronic media were some how connected to my art..., in a way it is. People buy my necklaces online. I get inspired by other people, information and images that I connect to online. I come here to correspond with my art-mind to get the juices flowing and then off I go to create...

Today I'm starting a series I've been dreaming about... in my dreams this series is very textural, includes varying shades of red and is introspective about what it means to be spiritual... seeking... enlightenment or just lightening... creating a self of softness...

I am thinking that I may begin a whole other blog dedicated to this series... we'll see... maybe

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