Thursday, July 10, 2008

Local Voices 2008 Julee Herrmann

A few weeks ago I posted about the Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek accepting two of my shrines. The opening was amazing. Throngs of people were filling every little nook and cranny of the place! I couldn't believe how many people came to see the works of the local talent... really cool!

There were so many people there that we couldn't even get a picture of the shrines in situ...

But to my delight and surprise what I saw when I entered the gallery right there in the front was my favorite little Heart Shrine from my Feng Shui Shrine series... we went back a few days later to bring my girlfriend, her daughter and my little one and to snap a few photos... photo credit to my lovely and talented friend Alison Downey... have a peek...

Here's a close up... yeeeeeah! Makes me a little wiggly in side!

Around the corner was the Water Shrine...

Furrrreal! Right, right, there! That's my little fishy friend's shrine!

And here's the close up of my Journey (water) Shrine


  1. This is really a beautiful shrine. Congrats!


  2. Gee, would love to take home even just one of them :) they are beautiful! btw, I hopped from kristin's blog (Retro Creative Art) and that's how I find you:)


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