Monday, October 27, 2008

Lovin' Someone Feels Like Heaven

This post comes with directions:
First: Right click the title of this post and select "open in a new tab".
Second: You should arrive at Jon Troast's website
Third: See the box that says MUSIC
Fourth: Click the arrow and turn it UP!

This is Jon Troast and his tunes have become the sound track for our lives and since this post is about (SPOILER ALERT!) my romantic weekend with my darling dear husband you may as well be listening to what we were listening to!

Ok... now that we have that all taken care of... enjoy! :)

Simon and I just came back from a wonder filled anniversary weekend back in the gorgeous coastal part of California where we got married, Carmel and Big Sur. Returning to the scene of the crime, if you will!

Here we are in one of our self-portraits. That's the "famous" rock on the beach in Big Sur right behind us. You can see my arm holding the camera in the reflection in Simon's sunglasses.

Julia Pfeifer State Beach
Simon and I had such a wonderful, rejuvenating, cozy, romantic weekend! Ah... the remedy for life truly must lie in the waves crashing upon the shore over and over in that reassuring manner.

This is the hillside in Big Sur above the little place where we stayed for our wedding... its scorched from the fires that devastated the area this past Summer. Summer is hot and dry in the Bay Area so we're used to everything being dry and dead looking by this time of year and even so we were amazed at how "normal" everything looks from the road, but once you get out and walk around you realize how Highway 1 acted as a fire break. The Pfeifer Lodge was lucky to be protected by the firefighters and spared... this shot is from inside the resort area of Pfeifer Falls and just beyond the trees is the scorched hillside.

This little dude flew down just as I was about to shoot this picture of the "sea of fog" from Nepenthe's Deck and then proceeded to "caw" at me as he slowly walked off towards the trees... goofball bird... anyways, I thought it made for a cool picture.

Stay tuned for my roofs and doors of Carmel collage sheet... cool stuff!

Big Love!


  1. Welcome back, Julee! Sounds like all you could possibly want in an anniversary vacation. What a sweet photo of you two! And, oooooh, "the sea of fog' sounds like an enchanting place. Did you know that Nepenthe means "she who chases away sorrow"? I just looked it up because I recalled her being mentioned in Poe's The Raven. Looking forward to your Carmel collage sheet. See you over at 29 gifts. xoxo Serena

  2. This bird needs to be on pendants, Jul! Maybe a little judicious photoshopping to get it narrower and keep the sides but he's a keeper! And speaking of keepers, you and Simon look so cute together. Both of you lookers. No wonder Miss Lexee is so darn cute with genes like your's! Big HUGS, Marilyn


Oooooh BLoGgEE love!