Monday, January 26, 2009

Opening to our deeper expressive selves

...if you are willing to unclench your fist
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Ever evolving art an open dialog:

Do we know when our work is evolving? I have only been SURE about that in retrospect as I've been doing some soul searching recently. Here's what I've noticed:

This past Spring when I had a large order to fill for a dress shop I ran out of the precut small glass that I had been using and the manufacturer was hopelessly back ordered. I was just able to fill the order, but then I was in a panic as I couldn't figure out HOW I would fill future orders. I had another order on the horizon and when I filled that order the last piece in the order was my new answer.

After research, trial AND error, not to mention high expense remedies I had found a darling way to stay within a good cost ratio and still make my soldered glass jewelry without relying solely upon the manufacturer or having to cut my own glass. Upon this discovery I also found a lovely lot of even bigger glass AND my now infamous HUGE lot of German Bisque Dollies.

This Fall I introduced the bigger pieces as my clock crystal holiday ornaments in craft fairs, with my regular customers and in my Etsy shop and then turned them into my newest obsession. Boy in a Bauble – I am 100% IN LOVE!

Its a funny thing when you think you've come up with something “NEW” only to find that someone else has come up with something “NEW” at the same time... in fact, they did it before you and your idea isn't at all new... what's that saying something about “there are no new ideas only new variations on old themes?” and the concept of the 100th Monkey where when a certain number of people gain a specific awareness it leaps to the consciousness of the larger mass? That has long been an intriguing concept. So, after I was all giddy on my Facebook the other day about my new fabulous idea I busted out a half dozen Baubles and then headed to bed with my newest Somerset (FINALLY getting a chance to snuggle down with the fun publication full of inspirations!) I pull the pages apart only to find someone else had the SAME idea well before I did! So fun... I loved seeing the other take on this same use of old clock crystals, I giggled wondering how many of us must be stalking ebay trying to grab up the clock crystals these days! Well, apparently we're plugged into what some of my friends refer to as the “Witchy SuperHighway” or the “Sam”e wave.

I'd love to hear other people's take on this concept, have you ever been the 100th Monkey as this talented artist clearly was?

My take is to go in this direction (and if you're still with me, bless you! :) I feel like the 100th Monkey concept has much to it in the way of saying if 99 of us dream of peace and act out peace in our lives the 100th Monkey WILL also open to the idea of peace and that peace – not war and love – not hate will become the commonplace reaction. I wonder if its the same idea in art. If we share our “consciousness property” (to use the verbiage from Keyes work) to raise awareness where will the bring us? Will we have more enlightened work, will we grow and evolve more quickly into finer and finer artists? Is that how the Impressionists worked?

It is in this vein that I am excited to launch a new “how-to” aspect to my art blog. I want to share that which I have within my awareness field, I'd love to play with you all on this, let's start with something fun most people have familiarity with DOMINOES...

Get ready to Alter Dominoes Julee style... did someone do these first? I don't know, but I met a lady this weekend that does them very similarly... hey ROSE!!! We swapped best practices - love the art community's sharing ways. My next post will have pix and descriptions on just how to Alter your Dominoes!

Have fun!


  1. Can't wait!! Let me know if you want some help with pics. ;)

  2. I was just having this conversation with a colleague of mine this morning. Isn't this called syncronicity!! Thanks for being such a great artist, philosopher, human being!
    From, Maureen

  3. Hi Julee!!! What an interesing post and subject. And I just looked at your ETSY store, and like WOW, what beautiful art you have there. I especially love the shrine, but I love all of it.

    I'm not sure how much I can offer to this conversation, because I haven't tried to sell my art. Although the idea of opening an ETSY store has bubbled up in my mind recently, but I haven't persued that yet, nor do I know if I will. Right now, it's just a "thought" for me.

    Regarding if we know when our (art) work is evolving, I think it's difficult for me to know that about my own art. I feel like I'm too close to it myself to see or recognize any growth or evolution while it's happening.

    I think having a blog helps a lot though, because it's a record of my art as I'm creating it, and I can go back and see what I made and when I made it and how I made it, and see where I was at and coming from all along the journey. And I can compare it to where I am now, and it gives me a sense of any change or growth. It also helps me to recognize my own sense of style, unique to me.

    So I think if I didn't have my blog, it would be much harder to see or know my growth as an artist, or to appreciate the "journey" along the way.

    I also think if I were trying to sell my art, that would change my take on it a lot, and also my expectations. So this is only from the point of view of making art, but not trying to sell it.


  4. Julee, Certainly my art has evolved from paper only in scrapbooks to dominos, altered everything, collage and then after meeting you Soldering! Now I want to share with the world so thank you for your support and thoughts and you know, if I can, I'll take every class you teach. BTW - my house will be husband free 2/27 - 3/5! Interested?

  5. I love the way you say darling all the time and thanks for the collage sheet. In Liverpool we tend to say "alright" all the time!! As for the the monkey thing..I think we are all influenced by each other but the thing is that we all bring our own individual personality to our work so it will never be the same and it will be original to your domino how to..I dont usually drill mine at the top and bottom but usually through the front..I like your way as then beads could be attached to both you glue wire in to hold extra stuff..back to blog hopping..I wonder how many blogs OWOH is up to now!!!


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