Friday, April 13, 2007

Mermaid Reliquary

The focus this time is on Mermaids! These make FABULOUS gifts and you'll probably finish two if not three! Call to reserve your spot or book your workshop here and 20% will go to the folks !

Click here to reserve your space and to ensure your donation to 29 Gifts.
April 19th at A Work of Heart in San Jose 1pm - 4pm

Curious about reliquaries?
 Check this out...
Reliquaries were historically 
used to hold various fragments of saints, the Buddha, the Christ
. The fragments ranged from bits of bone, hair or flesh to snips of garments or pieces of the crucification cross. Some reliquaries are clear so that the bones of the person could be
 viewed. Some reliquaries that I saw while at the Vatican were inserted into the staff of the Pope at the time.
Reliquaries are sometimes decorative as in a brooch or pendant, but are often a simple box or coffin shape. In Victorian era reliquaries you could find a lock of hair of a
 loved one sealed into an item of jewelery.

My particular enjoyment of these tiny treasures is in the placement of odd items. I start with tiny collages for a
 background and then begin making a scene as in a diorama and then adding that element of surprise. They can also go in the direction of the macabre in which case employing the shape of a coffin is definitely in order!

Reliquaries range in size from teeny to life size coffins, but mine tend to stay in the range of quite small. I like to use mica to enclose the scene to give it a Victorian feeling and then I solder the entire piece. They are a rewarding project because they just come out SO COOL! This is a rewarding class because you get to make a few cool reliquaries AND you get to learn the skill of soldering.

Can't wait to get started... mark your calendars

Sunday April 19th at A Work of Heart in San Jose 1pm - 4pm

Please bring any of your own special relics, images, favorite glues, scissors, glitters or paints. Any small items from nature are also encouraged – tiny wings are cool, bits of lichen look neat. As always, bring your “basic kit” of scissors, cutting mat, ruler, plus any items you can't craft without AND we'll have a blast! But don't worry if all you have is your purse and your car keys - there is always room for one more and I love to share!


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