Thursday, March 26, 2009

Soldered jewelry flitting around your wrist

Flitting around your wrist
Originally uploaded by Julee Herrmann HeArt Collective

things are pretty good here... our old and sick doggie just got a repreive, however brief, through some drug therapy that we're hoping will ease her way... sunny days are here... birds are busy at the feeder and butterflies are on the migration. allergies have kicked in and dreams of sleeping under the stars are all around...

i finished this piece yesterday and i thought i'd share it with you... i think more of these will be on their way!

beautiful images from Piddix... Thanks Corrina!


  1. Hey girlfriend! Thank you for stopping by! Yes, colors are so seasonal. You've been busy with your jewelry and classes. Glad to see it. I'll miss our sitting on the streets of Pleasanton chatting away the night during the street party. ;-) Stay well and hope to see you soon. Hugs...Iva

  2. You are so talented. The way you work with the solder is just amazing.

    And give your dog some extra pats from me.


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