Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Prayer for Stacey from Mariann Williamson

Last Update for 7/20 - 10:30 PM ET

Posted 14 hours ago

Hi Friends and Family,
We just went up to see Stacey and she is so amazing (as we all know). The only story we want to share is what happened when we were saying goodnight to her just a short time ago...

She is a little less sedated, so you can ask her questions and she'll squeeze your hand. Great progress! As I was leaving I told her that we are right downstairs at the hotel in the hospital, that we'd see her tomorrow morning and to get a good night sleep. Her job right now it to sleep, breath slowly and deeply. I held her hand and told her that I love her. I asked her to squeeze my hand if she loved me too, but instead of squeezing my hand she opened her eyes really wide, stared me straight in the eyes and shook her head "YES". This is so amazing because of the multiple tubes down her nose and a breathing apparatus in her throat and mouth. I know it wasn't easy for her...

My heart filled with love knowing that she is going to be okay. My mom and dad came in and she did the same thing with them... she is so strong, she is my hero!

"Where there is love there is life." --- Mohandas K. Gandhi

Have a wonderful night, keep our amazing, precious friend, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, auntie (!) and step-mom in the front of your mind and in the front of your heart.

Today's AM Update - 10:30AM ET

Posted 1 hour ago

Good morning.
There is not much new news this morning except that Stacey had a relaxing night sleep and has had more conscious / lucid times now vs the previous few days. Something that we have been tracking is her jaundice, yellow color (check out photo gallery of her just in April). The amazing thing is that her yellow eye color is dissipating and you can see more whites of her eyes. Her fingertips and toes are also showing more pink than yellow and her legs are starting to look more normal tones. Her swelling also appears to be leveling out. This all will be something Stacey will celebrate when she is out of ICU and in the next stages of recovery.

Her treatment is so sophisticated right now because her immune system is suppressed to prevent liver rejection. She is still in ICU and on the ventilator. We hope & are waiting for the doctor to make his rounds to hear about the next steps. In the meantime...here is a Prayers for Healing from Marianne Williamson's, Illuminata, updated for Stacey’s Liver Transplant...

Dear God,
Stacey’s body is in recovery and we are so scared.
Please heal her, Lord.
Whatever the words we are supposed to say, whatever the thoughts that would set her healing free,
We are willing to have them shine into our minds.
For she wishes to be released from this disease.
Please give her a miracle.
Please give us all hope.
Please give us all peace.
Lift her up beyond the regions of her pain and physical body.
Prepare each cell to be born anew into health and happiness, peace and love.
For You are the power, not this sickness.
You are the truth, not this illusion.
You are our salvation, not the process.
We are willing to rise, to let go all false thinking, to release this false condition.
For this is not freedom, and we wish to be free.
This is not peaceful, and we desire peace.
This is not Your will for her, that she would suffer or feel pain.
We accept Your will for her.
We accept Your healing.
We accept Your love.
Please, dear God, help her.
Bring her body back to Your vision for her of perfect health.

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  1. Julee, My gosh! I blinked and you had a major thing! Include my well wishes with the others, I'll be thinking of you guys. If there's anything at all I can do for any of you just let me know...



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