Monday, August 31, 2009

10 Things I am currently obsessed by

Things I'm obsessed by currently:
1. Being a new poem partner *grin* to my new friend Lis
2. Improving my relationships (always)

3. Getting in charge of me (I've just turned 40 seems like a good time!)

4. Keeping the deer away from my tomatoes!

5. Preparing for the Lafayette art & wine festival and Mistresses of the Macbre by
making more funky jewelry!

6. Love Love Loving listening to a CD set about Yoga - the spiritual practice

7. Preparing for Winter quarter's Mermaids & Warriors Classes
8. Anything with Rooibos in the name!

9. Simplifying life

10. Drawing faces with Suzi

1 comment:

  1. Love your collection of obsessions! Do share the yoga cd ... I teach yoga, part time, and am hoping to make a transition into more teaching by the time my daughter enters kindergarten next year. Guess the Mermaid had a good hunch matching us up! Although, don't ask me about turning 47 ... ah, 40 sounds so nice and young and dewy :)

    Loved your 2nd poem ... I think I can learn about brevity and depth from you.

    Thanks partner!


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