Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Stacey Special!

“Great acts are made up of small deeds.” --- Lao Tzu

Good morning west coasters...
Today feels like a day of new beginnings to me. The news from Florida is "ALL GOOD" as Stacey continues to make progress. Dr Canabal says that of his 9 patients he has in ICU right now, Stacey is his 'star pupil'.

For those of us who have seen or met Dr Canabal, he speaks only the truth and we heard that if he has nothing to say, he doesn't say it. If there is something wrong, he doesn't sugar coat things, he's very factual and concise. SO, for him to give continual praise and positive feedback on Stacey means she is not only doing well, but doing so well he feels moved to comment!

Please take a look through the messages and see Ralph's EARLY morning update. They changed her trach tube this morning to a smaller size which is more comfortable for her. This is one of the important steps to getting her completely off assisted breathing. My mom told me that she was actually on the trach collar for 12 HOURS yesterday, mostly quiet and sleeping because of how some of the meds were administrated. She is wide awake today and ready to get going again. Dr Kramer will be back either tomorrow night or Tuesday morning. Canabal (pronounced like Brazil's 'Carnaval' event but with a "B") said that Kramer will be very impressed when he returns. We know that Stacey will keep achieving the milestones that she sets her mind to and will make continued progress! She is a strong super woman!

Her transplant support group friend 'David' who rejected his 1st liver and got a 2nd liver yesterday is also continuing to make progress. His wife said that he is opening his eyes now, which is raising her spirit being able to see him as she recognizes him again. We pray for much love and healing for David and all of those who are suffering with illness. May today bring new, lovely beginnings to you also.

Today is also Gianni's (our beautiful little muffin of a cousin) baptism. I know my mom and Ralph wish they could be there for this special event, but we'll give him an extra little squeeze and kiss for you! Congratulations Gianni, Jared and Jeannine... we love you guys!

Have a beautiful day full of new beginnings everyone!

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