Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Walk on the Wild side Wednesday

You know, when you're tapped out... you've given your all too many days in a row, you're spent and its gonna take that somethin' special to get YOU back. Where do you go, what do you do, who do you turn to? What is your source that you can go to for replenishing? We all get there from time to time. For me its critical to not wait too long before filling the well.

I think it most likely differs from person to person; for me it differs from one day or experience to the next. Most days a little German Glass Glitter and Glue will get me all "Juled" up. Sometimes its as simple as a hug from The People or a long hot bath with a long hot book. It never fails, though for those times when I'm feeling scuffed up around the edges a walk in the woods makes my soul feel as smooth as silk.

One of the most beautiful walks on our big blue home exists virtually in my backyard.  Muir Woods offers some of the most lovely things you can feast your eyes on both great and teeeeeeenyyyyy tiiiiiiiiiiny:

With my heart all filled up and warm from plenty of hugs from The People I'm ready to begin anew.

How do you refill, replenish and renew?

Now, go get your craft on! 

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