Friday, March 18, 2011

Family Friday: Down time with The People

Alexia "brave girl" NO DOUBT!

A lot of people like to take off for Spring Break with big plans of tropical destinations and far flung flights, but we Herrmanns... well... we march to the beat of a different drummer...

We head for the hills when everyone else is at school or toiling away at work. We love to take advantage of less traffic, smaller crowds and better service. 

Proud Daddy with his buddy

This past week was no exception. We hit Squaw Creek Resort, put the little one in Ski School, sent the mister on a few runs while The Queen of the Leos luxuriated in the fabulous spa. 

It was good for the soul of each Herrmann to have this experience

How fun is THIS?!?

Now, while all of you are going to be showing us your tan lines and sunsets we'll be here in town also enjoying less traffic, smaller crowds and better service... 

Swimming in the pool outdoors in the snow at night!

Family time just brings us closer to what we love!
Now, Go GET your CRAFT on!!!

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