Monday, March 21, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Zen'd out Zendala

I am currently a bit mandala obsessed.... what, you ask, is a mandala? Well, a mandala is a design inside a circle so lots of things, it turns out, are mandalas... now that I'm obsessed by them I am seeing them EVERY where! My child is even pointing them out in rugs, greeting cards, patterns on fabric and definitely in nature.

Here is a scan of one of my recent creations while it was still flat:

I happen to be enamored with this lotus blossoming type of mandala, but they can be as symmetrical as you like or as funky as you can imagine

This piece was my first attempt at making a mixed media collage type mandala

I enjoyed it immensely.
The process is entirely intuitive and meditative and just relaxing.

Have a go at your own mandala, if you'd like

If you want to play along make one or two and share what you've done

If you're local and you want to play along come make one in class. I've decided to offer a lesson making mixed media mandalas - Julee Style... of course that means there will be something sparkly and a lot of fun.

Hip Chick Designs
Benicia, CA
May 21st 11am - 3pm
Contact Carrie "Hip Chick" Clayden


  1. When I was 8 my mom bought me a mandala book and knowing that I was totally into small details, it was pretty hard work to color them. But the passion has never left me! Ooooh, I have to go home and scan some in for you, you´ll be amazed by the variety!!! Geeez, I´m all giddy think that mandalas and unicorns go together? Maybe for the giant painting ;) Just imagine having a unicorn in the middle of your mandala!!! Oh, Julee, you got me inspired now!!! THANKS!!!

  2. Thanks, Steph :)

    I was totally thinking of that... since I was working on one of my mandalas the same day I was working on my first Unicorn sketch... A wreath with the Unicorn in the mandala would be like a 3D mandala.

    I can't wait to see what you have to scan in!

  3. Why thank you miss!
    Happy Tuesday!

  4. These look fun. I'm going to look at the zentangle version. That sounds like my speed.


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