Saturday, November 19, 2011

Conversation of the Day: What is on the bathroom floooooorrrrr???

Me:(at the top of my lungs) WHAT IS THIS ON THE FLOOR IN MY BATHROOM???

Little:(scurrying in from the other room) Mom, you're holding that upside down.

Me: WHAT? (ahem, attempts to regain composure) *breaths in deeply* What is it? And WHY is it on the floor of my bathroom.

Little: (Totally annoyed with me) Its a petrie dish, mom, and its filled with shrimp eggs that you're going to kill if you keep holding it upside down

Me: (disgusted, curious and somewhat amused, but still irritated) Why is it on the floor of my bathroom and how long has it been here?

Little: (still not answering the WHY is it in the bathroom) Like two seconds, Mom (giggles and RUNS!)

Me: (shouting after her) I could have killed myself y'know!  (Nothing like a little of the good old guilt to make your point... what was my point?)

I have NO idea what that was, but it kinda cracked me up... a petrie dish? in the bathroom? filled with shrimp eggs? oooookayyy good thing she's so darn cute!


  1. ok, where'd she get the EGGS!!!! And you're right--she is STINKIN' cute!! They both are!!! Kisses on their noses from me!!!

  2. I think that the eggs must have been in her microscope set... I had no idea that an experiment was underway! These scientists, I tell ya!

    The funny thing is that later I asked her where the eggs are now and she explained to me that she had created a little habitat for the petrie dish in *her* bathroom behind some washcloths and soap boxes so that it could be dark since shrimp live in the dark at the bottom of the ocean! She thinks of everything LOL


Oooooh BLoGgEE love!