Sunday, February 25, 2007


20% of all sales from these items goes to support join us in the movement to change our world one give at a time.

Fairy Tales Watch Crystal Bracelet -- $75.00
1” dia vintage watch crystals make this bracelet both lovely and expressive not to mention light weight.

Leonardo di Vinci Inchie Bracelet -- $75.00
1”square glass tiles make this bracelet doubly charming... these bracelets have different images on each side giving the wearer two different looks. This bracelet has bits of images snipped from Leonardo di Vinici's famous paintings on both sides!

Custom Soldered Watch Crystal Bracelet
Use your wildest dreams to create a one of a kind bracelet of your very own! Prices vary depending on the project but you can expect to pay about $100. A steal for a custom item of this caliber!

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