Friday, January 21, 2011

funky family friday

Family means different things to different people... sometimes it even means different things to the same person at a different time with the same people... I'm practicing for my next role as Yoda, can't you tell?

You think I'm joking? You may be right...

But really really what I wanted to mention here without too much poeticism was that I'm a pretty lucky girl to get folded into such neat family. I have at least two aunts who love me dearly as professed in a Facebook note just this week :) I have had a myriad of uncles to go along with those aunts *ahem* but I digress... I have like a dozen cousins and 2nd cousins all whom I have reconnected with to varying degrees through the afore mentioned Facebook... all sorts of LOVELY pictures have come out of these reconnections...i'm only going to share the ones that are actually LOVELY and leave out all of the ones of me looking 16, K? thanks.

Here's my Nana - I have no idea how old she was here, but she pretty much always had that hair. This is my Mom's Mom. I love this picture, why? I dunno, maybe because she looks so  much like she's already seen some stuff, but her whole life lays before her.... or maybe cuz she looks like she's gonna kick my a$$ if I mess anything up and she means it!

And then for anyone who knows my Mom they will recognize her by the xmas tree as she's pretty much always by an xmas tree... can you say "Mom is obsessed by xmas decor"? No, its true! She has some parts of the house decorated all the whole year through. She's the tall one in this picture and I'm pretty sure that's the last time that has been said :) I love you, Mom *waves* :) *ducks* :D

Ok fine... you twisted my arm... here is ONE PICTURE of me looking 16... although I am probably really 14 or 15... and I'm at the world famous "Mexican Party" ok, not world famous, but at least small town California famous

I am the dork in the giant hat with my little cousin who just turned 37 last week and her mom hiding behind me! ugh we're getting O.L.D. 




Why do I share this stuff? Cuz I'm a giver... I give. I share and entertain and now you have someone to laugh at as you head into your CRAFTASTIC weekend!

Go get YOUR craft ON!!!


  1. Ok, now it is obvious: your daughter looks a loooot like you!!!
    Thanks for showing the lovely pictures!!!
    I love the hairdo of your nana, maybe I will incorporate it into my own style :D


Oooooh BLoGgEE love!