Sunday, February 25, 2007

House of Feng Shui

20% of all sales from these items goes to support join us in the movement to change our world one give at a time.

Spirit -- $175

This shrine is dedicated to Spirit the area of the Ba-Gua or Feng Shui map for enlightenment, fire within and spirit. This shrine shows the calm within the storm.

Ancestors -- $175

This shrine is dedicated to the area of the Ba-Gua known as Ancestors/Yin Wood. Its energy is all about what came before.

Custom Shrine

Work with Julee to identify an area that you'd like to have supported through the use of a Feng Shui shrine or customized shrine of any theme... milestones, wedding, baby, or lost loved ones are a few popular themes. Prices vary depending on scope of project. Please contact Julee for pricing and full details

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