Thursday, January 20, 2011

Imagine Me!

We all start off in this life as a blank slate... no one knows where we will go or what turns we'll take, but we do know that all sorts of ideas are imposed upon us from an early age. 

Oh perhaps, she'll be a writer or a teacher look at how she ____ fill in the blank.

But that's just it... what if SHE, or HE for that matter, interprets that act in a totally different way. Perhaps she's writing down all of the cool ideas she has for how her first symphony will look or how she'll arrange the books in her library.

Oh, I'd bet any thing that these kids are going to grow up to do something great... I have no doubts and neither do they. What I'm curious about is, will we hear the first inkling of their self identity?

The fact of the matter is that we all have a way that we see ourselves. 

And little by little life colors our view of our self

Until we become what we think we will be

Or what others think of us as

Or until we form into a whole new self in 3 dimensions

Imagine Me! Is a 6 week course designed for elementary school students and is being taught by Julee Herrmann (hey! that's me :) at an Orinda Elementary school Spring 2011. 

The lessons will begin with learning about the landscape of the face... Through collage students will learn where each of our features sits in relationship to the others.. then with fully supported sketching techniques designed for easy understanding, children will begin to sketch stylized self portraits... no right or wrong... no preconceived notion of "supposed to"... no mirrors. The students will start to consider how they see themselves and put those ideas into a 3d sculpture. 

IT all sounds SO darn SERIOUS... and it is, but it isn't... its all just for fun and exploration.

There are just 3 spots left in the class.  Contact me if your child would like to attend a Spring Break workshop, an Enrichment class or if you're interested in bringing this workshop to your elementary school. 


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    I LOVE THIS IDEA, Jul - wow. Can't wait to see photos / read your blog post(s) about this class. How fantastic is this going to be? Yay! ~~ Davi


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