Thursday, November 15, 2007


Here is a challenge I posted on the HeArt Collective last night...

I keep hearing from people (and myself) that art is oftener and
oftener one of those things that we WON'T take the time to do without
a deadline or the fear of disappointing someone if we miss the
deadline. For me creativity is a way of life. I stay sane by doing
art, by reading about artists, by talking about how art will affect my
life in my lifetime. I keep thinking let's do art for art's sake!

I came across the following website and I would love to play with some
of you in a way that is much different than what we have done in the
past. Go to this woman's site and read the list... the font is really
small so you may need to adjust the settings on your browser - I have
good eye sight and I had a bit of difficulty reading the font
http://www.kerismit 100ideas. htm

Here's my idea... I think that this list is great "fodder" for art...
it gets your creative juices flowing to do these things. I would like
to have us choose a few of these items - any 3 let's say - and do them
and then report back with our experiences. If you get all the way to
the bottom of the list you'll see a link for a PDF that you can
download. A) its a good way to have the list and mark off the ones
that you've done and/or B) you can cut up the little pieces and draw
them out of a hat to be random about the choices. So, let me be
clear, you can choose any 3 that you want to do or are particularly
drawn to. If they are art projects and you want to photograph them
and share them with us that would be awesome. If they are "do
nothing" you could perhaps share with us how you felt or what affect
that had on you or your creativity or what came up for you or
whatever. If it is something that you do for someone else you could
share with us how that felt or what the receiver's response was. OR
you could say what your over all experience was even if you HATE the
exercise I would still love to see how we all react. What say ye?

I want to do this fairly often my idea is to do it every Friday I'll
post a reminder that its "Fodder Friday" starting this Friday and then
the following Friday I'll make my report and next reminder. Keep in
mind, if you can't participate the first time that's fine, do it the
next time or the next time or the next time. Or if you can only
commit to one then do that. Honestly, maybe this is just a warning -
I'm going to mess with some of these ideas and report back and if you
all think I'm nuts... oh well... :) that will still be feed back/input!

Love and Light!
Creative Blessings,

If you're still with me and you want to participate let me know and I'll post the challenge here every Friday, too!

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