Monday, October 24, 2011

Moving, Recovering and Moving On

To be honest, I have been mostly feeling like the above photo of Bratty McBratterson ever since we left Disney land last May. Why? Well once you've been to the happiest place on Earth its a little difficult to come back to the Nittiest Grittiest Place on Earth and begin to package it neatly into properly labeled boxes for moving and long term storage. Seriously. Challenging.

We moved. Big deal, right? Everyone moves. Its true everyone does move and for me moving hits that place in my unfinished self that one might call my "Pout and Cry Button".  So, it has taken all the way from May and our beginning stages of decision making and packing all the way until this weekend to get my crafting toys unpacked and stashed onto shelves where I can access them. 5 long months. Should I add in somewhat miserable months... there was a lot of this 

and this

with a dash of 



and contemplating

supportive friends

first day of school field trip. 

Before we got to

brave and bold moves

and big smiles.

The one thing that kept me creative through all of the time of missing my messy friends was taking pictures.
The things that I took pictures of besides my family was mostly of commercial buildings... trying to find their soul to share with future investors. Definitely outside of my box... and its got me thinking in a whole new way.

Bold new things are on the horizons for HeArt Collective.

As I move forward I will share some of my leaps and bounds here... 

Now, go Get Your Craft ON!!!


  1. Lovely blog post...fabulous pictures, and I for one am happy to see you moving forward, xo.

  2. Its nice to see you blogging again Julee. The last 18 months has been nothing but challenges, I hope the rocky road will be smooth from now on.


  3. My Comment seems to have ended up in comment purgatory .. Will check back later!!! :-)

  4. Thanks for stopping by, ladies! It felt good to play around... Davi I don't know what happened to your comment :(

    Now its time to go CRAFT UP a vintage dress we bought for Alexia's ghost child costume!


  5. good to see your percolating is moving you into (new) motion julee. loving your view, kerri

  6. Just keep looking forward, Jul. Big HUGS, Marilyn


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