Thursday, December 13, 2007

Out standing prize for your donation

This pic is me and my best girl... Chauncee! My lovely and talented friend Alison Downey took this picture of us last weekend! Isn't she an excellent photographer? She has a great way of capturing us. I love my dog to pieces - in fact Simon thinks I love her more than him. I always try to explain how its not more its just different and he always nods - knowingly. Chauncee is a 14 year old Sharpei and I know that her days are numbered and I'm just trying to remember to love on her while she's here. I'm grateful for the time I've spent with her and I'll always cherish this photo - thanks, Ali! In light of all of that I am posting the following information for a fellow dog lover... bid if you can.


As you may or may not know, Bernie Berlin runs A Place to Bark...and Meow... a private rescue for animals. In addition to being an outstanding artist, Bernie has a huge heart & is driven to save as many animals as she can.

Someone I know got connected with a group doing an ATC auction to benefit Bernie's rescue efforts. The theme was Vintage Christmas Pets...and the resulting collection is now available for bidding. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to A Place to Bark as all of the artists donated their work.

Here's a link to the auction item:
<http://cgi.ebay. com/ws/eBayISAPI .dll?ViewItem& item=29019116264 2>

Please take a look & pass this link on to anyone you think might be interested. And take a look at Bernie's blog... <http://aplacetobark .blogspot. com/> her ability to do this stressful and heartbreaking, though rewarding work rescuing animals just amazes me.

Of course, you could always make a donation to her rescue...every
little bit helps.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for remembering the
animals in the Holiday season, whatever Holiday you celebrate.


  1. Jul, you and Chauncee are SOOOOOO beautiful that I bet it was easy for Ali to get that great shot! Yes, you gotta love on that girl while you can. I celebrated Mr Jaspy being with me for the last four years of his life and I'm so glad that I did.

    And gee, some of that story about the auction for A Place to Bark looked a little, ahem... familiar! ;-)) What a great idea to put it on your blog!


  2. Thanks for the compliments. Ali always says that we're cute and easily posed which makes me wonder if she's calling us Barbie or Gumby! ;0)

    AND, that should all look familiar you were the "fellow dog lover" I mentioned in the post... I also posted that same message to my HeArt Yahoo group. I bid $150 on the collection of ATCs and then when I was outbid I didn't go back and try again... I'm bummed that the winner got it for only $5 more than my MAX bid. In hind sight I realize that if I had won Simon would have probably flipped his lid about me spending that much money this close to the holidays. I guess there's a reason I was out bid! LOL


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