Friday, January 11, 2008

Shrineriffic Challenge

Ok, so remember the whole NEED TO MAKE SHRINE post? Well, its the one just before this one so its not so long ago, but stuff happens people and I STILL haven't made the piece that I'm just salivating over! I have sketched in the sketch book, I have brainstormed and I have had a play date with my lovely and talented friend. I have plans, big plans, and I'm hoping that some of my friends will play along. So, besides the fact that my computer is brokey brokey (hence the NO PICTURES aspect to this post!) and the fact that power is iffy in these parts on a stormy day... we're staying on track... something shrineriffic will be made! ;)

I posted the following on my YahooGroup earlier today and I'm including my blog friends in this challenge cuz it just seems like the THING to with that here goes nuthin'...

Now that we have power and I've done some of my "chores" I am ready to announce PLAY TIME!!! On Wednesday Lexee and I packed up some craft supplies and headed to the studio of Miss Michele A-Z Queen of all she surveys! Well, the girls and I decided that altering some cigarillo boxes into shrines to our favorite animals was in order. Miss A-Z made a kitty cat shrine, I did a dog shrine and Lexee was kitties on the outside and dogs on the inside - gotta love a kid with diplomacy skills so young! Now that my feet are wet, I'm ready to get going on a full blown group shrine challenge.

The last time we did a style try/shrine swap and people signed up for specific art styles that they would try - that's when I ended up with the Claudine Hellmuth styled Poppet of Miss Alexia Shea Herrmann. This time its all about you. The only real requirement I'm making is that we all make something that is 3D and is shaped like a shrine. The other thing is that we are NOT going to be swapping these - unless you decide to do that amongst yourselves. What we will be doing is uploading photos or scans to a photo album in the Yahoo Group. I know that not everyone has this ability, but I'm hoping that will not keep you from participating creatively. Think outside the box, if you really want to do this one then go for it! Then, if you see one in the photo album that you LOVE and you want to swap for it you can contact the maker to see if they're open to releasing their shrine into the world.

Nitty Gritty: Make a shrine to whom or whatever you choose... funny, serious, spiritual or superficial or some combination of all the above! Au natural or ode to plastic! Use any and all techniques that you love or have been WAITING to try! Pull out that SHRINE MAKING BOOK... PULL out that THING that has been waiting for just the right project. Don't worry about SAVING IT FOR LATER! POUR YOURSELF INTO THIS THING, PEOPLE! "Don't worry that its not good enough for anyone else to see..." Karen Carpenter ooops sorry I broke into song there for a sec...

Sign up here and now if you want to play - let me know within the next week and I'll send you some Buddhas or Temples from my pix of Burma that you can incorporate into your shrine if you want. DEADLINE March 15, 2008. Again, we're not swapping them, but we do want to have the dramatic unveiling, right???

Now, I hear you saying, but I don't belong to the Yahoo Group and I need another group like I need a HOLE in the HEAD... don't worry your pretty little heads... just come along... we'll figure it all out together!

See you in the funny pages!

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