Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pleasanton First Wednesdays 2008 First event

As a member of ZNE Pacific Coast Mestieri (formerly Pleasanton Craft Mafia) I'm participating in Pleasanton's Downtown Association's First Wednesday event. Which means... in case you haven't figured this one out by the name alone, means that I'll be attending a craft fair in my hometown each month between now and September on the first Wednesday.

I'm looking forward to the chance to hone my image and my display skills. I know what I like for in shop, but a booth is different... I have to think about how my work looks with other artists and how easy each piece is to see and if they look appealing to buyers. A whole new facet that I haven't really learned about yet. I'm looking forward to the adventure!

I've been busy getting ready for the show and as a preview here are a few new designs along side some old favorites!

Of course, there will be a few that are HOT off the presses if I get my butt in gear!

Ok, ok...

I'm off!
Love and light,

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  1. I think your display looked fabulous at the street fair. It was so much fun hanging out with you.

    Roni from Daisy Wares


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