Thursday, October 23, 2008

Charmed, I'm sure!

My cute little buddy over at Charming Sam Studios "tagged" me today... I've been tagged in the past, but too tooo tooooo busy to stop and play... well today I'm busy procrastinating writing out all of my inventory tags for the Moraga Art Gallery where I display my work which means that I have "time" to play! First off let me say, Thanks Amy! for putting me up to this... second I have to share the "rules" to the game... apparently I'm supposed to share 6 secrets about myself, but since Amy's secrets were much more fun than mine would be I think that I will "fabricate" some secrets to share.... and then I have to torture er um... gift 6 other poor unsuspecting souls with tags of their own...

hmmmmm let's see...

1. I am a fabulously talented singer!!! Its true, just ask my dog, my daughter and my DH... I haven't gone on tour yet, but just you wait!!! Before you know it I'll be on the teaching circuit and I'll torture people with my singing then and pretend its a tour!!!

2. Besides making art in all of my time while my daughter is at school I also spend my time wearing a tutu and a tiarra... I have to stop when Lexee get's home since they're hers!

3. I have done day break yoga on the top of a temple in a desert in Burma.

4. I believe that I will come back as a well treated pet in my next life.

5. I believe that I was a hippy at woodstock in my past life.

6. I was once on stage with Van Halen back in the day.

Ok, if you can pin point which ONE of those is a manufactured secret I'll send you a special collage sheet, but you have to leave your email address so that I can email it to you!

That was super fun... the victims of this crime shall be:

1. Wabbit
2. Stacie
3. Izabella
4. Serena
5. Laurie Blau-Marshall
6. Robin Nowak

Have fun my little pretties!!!



  1. That's a trick! Each on of those statements is completely true!

  2. Aaackk! I was just about to comment with my guess on which is manufactured, when I caught MY NAME on your list of "tagged people"! Yikes! I've never been tagged before.

    As for my guess (though they all sound like they can be perfectly true), I'm going to say the part about wearing your daughter's tutu. You rock, so I can totally see you on stage with Van Halen.

    xoxo Serena

  3. I believe all of them too! That's precisely how I remember you, Jul!
    HUGS, Marilyn

  4. ok... so the real real answer is that Serena is right... ALISON! i don't REALLY wear the tiara and tutu... the tiara gave me a headache that one time we scraped the "popcorn" off of your mom's ceiling and i've never worn it again! remember that? LOL

    however... since all of you lovelies gave it a go i'll be emailing you a collage sheet... mmmm...k?


  5. Yay! I got it right!



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