Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Altered Domino Pendants at A Work of Heart

Pull out those Dremel Tools (or come and use mine!) we're going to alter dominoes and then turn them into fun and funky pendants. These little charmers are some of the favorite things of the people who frequent the craft fairs where I show. How CLEVER?! is often exclaimed right before someone scoops up 3 or 4 for their closest friends, relatives or game night buddies. Just wait until you show these off to your friends, they'll ooh and ahh and then ask YOU DID THAT YOURSELF?!

If you have never used a Dremel, are scared of power tools or don't even know what in the world that is, you've come to the right place! If you're a pro-with a Dremel and have all of the attachments, you've come to the right place! We'll demystify the Dremel and just play and have fun with these. I'll demonstrate collaging on dominoes and stamping on them as well. Everyone should plan to walk away with 3 or 4 pendants all ready to wear or give as a gift.

Can't wait to get started... mark your calendars:

Saturday, Novemeber 9th 11am – 1pm Scrap Lover's at A Work of Heart in San Jose

$50.00 includes everything including my charming instruction :)!

Brand new beginners are encouraged to try this project so please feel free to come empty handed! If you'd like you may bring any items you can't craft without AND we'll have a blast! If you do happen to have your own Dremel and teeny tiny bits bring it along... otherwise we'll have any thing you may need!

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