Monday, November 3, 2008

Stunning Shrines, one and all!

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Wow... what an amazing weekend I just had! I spent another lovely weekend in Half Moon Bay thanks to the hospitality of the proprietors of Luna's Memories. You know that saying about being measured by the company that you keep? Well, Craig and Maureen are being measured by me as pretty cool based on the company they keep (and no, I don't mean JUST me! :) I had a great time with all of the women who were able to come to the workshops this weekend.

The Feng Shrine workshop was really an interesting experience since we got to talk about an aspect mostly unfamiliar to them... Personal Feng Shui. We worked through some simple questions to gauge our sense of different aspects of our lives and then we talked a bit about how they feel about each of the areas. Then discussed how we can work with the elements of Feng Shui to correct some of those things. Finally, they were then turned loose to create a shrine as a supplement to one of the areas of concern.

Oh, and I tortured them with trivia about CHOCOLATE and fed them mini Snickers and tossed out a bunch of cool prizes to keep it light! :)

All in all we had a good time! I was sad to leave my home away from home... Did I mention the view from Luna's?? Talk about inspiring!!!

Ciao for now my friends!!!


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