Friday, July 24, 2009

Even Miracles Take A Little Time

7/24 Update - A little later than normal :)

Posted 5 hours ago

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on." --- Robert Frost

Hi all... this is getting out a little later because we wanted to give an update on the tracheotomy. The tracheotomy (little tiny neck incision for tube hooked to ventilator) was scheduled for 10AM, but didn't actually happen until closer to 12:30 because of scheduling / resources. She did beautifully through the 1 hour procedure (doctor's did well too!) and is sleeping comforting.

Some of the things that she will have an easier time doing with this breathing apparatus vs. the mouth ventilator:
- Close her mouth
- Eat
- Walk around
- Talk (by closing off a value at her neck)

By keeping her on a ventilator, the work of breathing is done with the machine and the lungs have energy to focus on recovering. We haven't received a full report of her lung or liver status since yesterday, but we think it must be stable or improving.

She will continue to be in ICU until they can take her off the ventilator, but she will not have 1 to 1 full time nurse care, more 2 or 4 to 1, since it's really not necessary to be 1 to 1 at this point. Also, we think this extra time in the hospital is helpful, because we can't forget that the rest of her body is still recovering from major surgery and integrating this new, precious liver. We joked that it is like the expression "Time Served" in jail, because she's just spending her recovery time in the hospital with the best darn care anyone could ask for.

So, we are certainly not near checking out of the hospital (probably more like 1 - 2 weeks), but our tenacious, beautiful, powerful, patient and incredibly strong Stacey is doing the healing that is being called upon her right now.

We will continue to honor her strength, pray, send her love and keep updating this incredible group of support while she is in recovery.

Love & Light,
Marcey :), Nancy, Wes, Amy and Gary

PS - the tracheotomy scar will be a small, tiny, unnoticeable incision... no big scar or anything...

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