Monday, December 1, 2008

Capture that Whimsy

German Bisque Doll Reliquary
Originally uploaded by Julee Herrmann

This is a full week here at the HeArt Collective! We have a kindergartener with a week full of her own fun, plus a concert at the studio, a company holiday party, a crafty Art Walk and a reliquary workshop all in the same week! PHEW! I'm exhausted just thinking about everything I'll be doing! :)

Thanks to fabulous planning (if I do say so myself & I do!) we already have yummy cookies for our concert... DO NOT ask me about the Gingerbread Fire hydrants - they were supposed to be "people", but that is NOT what they look like to me... i said YUMMY - NOT cute... LOL

So... if you happen to have some time for a fun shopping experience or just an art gazing experience you will definitely want to work your way on over to the East Bay to a little town called Lafayette... There is an event there called the Lafayette Art Walk. I will be at the Art Room adjacent to the Lafayette Gallery.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! We will be making some fun reliquaries... sort of a new take on the old type... these will be tiny whimsies using precut glass! Just WAIT until you see these! If you're coming to play you better get your spot ASAP as I know that there was already a list of people waiting for me to do this class... email me for details...

Stay tuned for my holiday Give-A-Way....

big love...

I'm off to do a GOO-GILLION things!


  1. I love those reliquaries sooooo much! I'm laughing over the "fire hydrant" gingerbreads, too funny! Wish I could come and craft with you all. Have a wonderful week! Love, Serena

  2. You know I love this little man! I love the reliquary and the bigger shrine with his brother in it too. The bigger shrine I think is one of your best, and in such a distinguished field, that’s saying something.:)


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