Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who IS she?

As I embark on the journey of 1000 craft shows, art retreats, workshops, demonstrations and gallery showings I begin the journey of defining my artist self. I've long been the "you can't define me" girl... er um woman... and now I find that refusal to be boxed slightly annoying.

It would be so cool if I could just check the box ___jeweler or ___sculpter or___painter or something "normal", but nooooo... I have to be DIFFERENT. Well, if I'm going to keep teaching Lex that different is good then I had better start figuring out WHY since that is the next question, anyways...

I am into making tiny things outta junk that seem sacred... but that's someone else's schtick... plus I almost always type "scared" instead of sacred... LOL that's telling... I have always liked using nature in my work, I am totally into "funk-i-fying" stuff - meaning I make something new look like trash - no, but in a good way! - I love incorporating personal meaning in a way that may not be obvious to the viewer.

Some of my projects are jewelry, some are small sculpture, some are little wall hangings all are shrines in a way...

I am SHRINE BUILDER... yeah? is there a box for that?

we'll see...



  1. Your "box" is Artist. Creative beings notice things, like the vital nurturing we receive from the objects of our daily life. People who notice things are natural students and often teachers.
    Just widen your view. You are an artist, and all that means.


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