Sunday, July 19, 2009

More News on Stacey Ballard

Just popping in briefly to share the most recent news I've received on Stacey...

The most recent news is that the new liver is functioning VERY WELL, better than the doctors expected. It's weird that the new liver is almost incidental when her vitals were unstable. Anyway, this is the reason why we are here and what will give her a high quality life.

She will remain sedated today, since the breathing tubes and the treatments that are allowing the body to heal are incredibly uncomfortable and she would be probably be agitated and in pain if they woke her up at this time.

We'll keep the updates coming, but she is on the mend and seems to be in the healing process...hope everyone has a fantastic day...

the family

And I would like to add my deepest thanks to the friends of friends of family of friends who are all praying for stacey's recovery... its no small thing to unite and send this much love around the globe for a woman... Thank you...



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