Sunday, July 19, 2009

Prayers for Stacey... please...

Sunday Morning Update

Posted 7 hours ago

Good morning everyone... it's early Sunday morning in Florida (6AM ET / 3AM PT) and we're starting Day 2. For those who haven't heard the story, Stacey was called to Mayo on Friday because there was a donor liver on the way. By around 10:30PM Friday night, she went into surgery and the liver was a perfect match (per the doctors). She was out of surgery about 6 or 7 hours later, which was early Saturday morning. We heard that the surgery was very successful, that they had some bleeding during the surgery, but she was doing well. There are some transplant patients that are actually out of bed by the end of Day 1 and knowing Stacey, that was her goal. That's one thing that makes this so difficult...

After she stabilized in ICU, the doctors took the breathing tube out and started bringing her around / out of the meds. When she woke up, she was agitated, SO very uncomfortable in her own skin, in a tremendous amount of pain and unstable. Her blood pressure was up and down, heart rate was elevated and the doctors had to work on her very quickly to get stable and you could see the concern in their faces, although they didn't say much to us. We soon found out that she was bleeding internally... This part was very scary yesterday, this is when we sent out the call to pray, send healing thoughts and love to Stacey, that she needs to feel the incredible amount of strength and love right now...that she is not alone in this.

Shortly after that and for the better part of yesterday afternoon including rup until now, they stabilized her vital signs, put the breathing tube back in and put her on meds to sleep. It looks like they have controlled her bleeding and her blood counts (platelet's, etc) seem to be back up. She is asleep, peaceful and hopefully giving her new liver and wounds time to start healing. We are not sure about today, but maybe the doctors and nurses will try to bring her back out of the sleep zone and she'll have an easier time since her body is hopefully coping a little better and is now 24 hours out of surgery. The transplant surgery is an amazing thing, but very traumatic to a body. We have heard some amazing stories from people we have met here after the bleeding incident started, where the stories are identical to Stacey's. We know these are angels that are being sent to console us and let us know we are not alone.

We keep remembering that she wanted this transplant very bad, someone gave the gift of life by being a donor and that she is at Mayo Clinic which is THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD for help and treatment.

We are so grateful to the donor and their family, for the doctors, nurses, surgeons, family, friends, the process and for the tools that are available. Stacey is so incredibly strong and brave and we know she is going to pull through. So, your job??? :)

Please, right now, close your eyes and picture Stacey in radiant white-gold'ish light. Picture her healthy, smiling, with her body in perfect health. Her blood is flowing, the liver is thriving, she is strong, vibrant, at her best. Please call upon this image when you think about her during this time, because this will help and give her strength to heal.

Thank you and Love and Light to you (as Stacey always says)!
Stacey's Family

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