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Are you and organ donor?

8/9 Update

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“What if we truly believed there is a God -- a beneficent order to things, a force that's holding things together without our conscious control? What if we could see, in our daily lives, the working of that force? What if we believed it loved us somehow, and cared for us, and protected us? What if we believed we could afford to relax?” --- Marianne Williamson

Relaxing is the order of the day... happy Sunday loved one's. I talked to my mom (AND STACEY!) this morning. There are 4 shifts during the day when she is on the trach collar for 2 hours. She asked to have a family member by her side because being off assisted breathing for that length of time right now is still a little difficult and sometimes causes anxiety; she is not sure why the panicky, anxiety feeling comes when she is going through this lung building process. So please send loving, warm, sun and moon shining relaxing energy to her today while she submits to this process. She is stronger than she probably even knows and will get through this. Aren't we all certain of that? Let's send that knowing energy to her in our blessings today...

Since it's Sunday, the doctors still give their updates, but there are not a lot of procedures happening today. The doctors told Stacey and my mom that they are going to do some more testing and maybe even look around the pancreas tomorrow or Tuesday to be sure that there are not any 'leaks'. They will also check that the abscess drainage tubes are functioning properly. They are incredibly diligent; we are so lucky to have such a fine medical and nursing staff taking care of her. Thanks to Mayo and to everyone on this board in the industry or know people in the industry! You guys do god's work...

While I was talking to my mom, she said "Oh a helicopter is landing...". You can see the helo-pad outside of Stacey's room. My mom narrated as we saw the helicopter land and a group of a pilot, doctors and nurses rush off the aircraft to meet the transplant team for a person who is getting a new heart as we speak. This was incredible to hear about and really was powerful, especially after our experience in the transplant world recently. I send heartfelt love, gratitude and peace to the family of the donor, the staff working in the Operating Room right now and to the patient and their family. We pray for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery for the transplant patient.

Lastly, our family went to a birthday party yesterday for very special friends of Evan and Ryan (Happy Birthday Hadley and Adam!). Beth, the mom, and I hugged and got a little teary when we saw each other because while Beth and Chris have never met Stacey, they are following her story, asking for prayers from friends and family on our behalf and sending love and supporting thoughts and energy. This is probably like many of you on the board. Thank you for opening your heart to our families story and being another link of support in this incredibly strong chain.

Chris, Beth's husband, has always been an organ donor (you go, Chris!) but Beth said that she has never signed up but is now considering it because of Stacey's story. This was incredibly powerful for me to hear and another blessing that is coming out of this difficult process. So! if anyone out there is not enrolled in the program and wanted to consider being a donor, check out the site and get more information on the program. ( - Beth, I wanted to make it easy for you! :) no pressure, but get on it!! :)

The statistics on how many transplants are done each year vs. the number of people on the waiting list is staggering. So I wanted to give a 'shout out' and spread the word of the program, because it is saving lives. We can't believe how many are saved in just the past 3 weeks at Mayo... so again, much love to the person in surgery right now and we know that new heart will be pumping soon and will last for a very, very long time!

Phew... have a great rest of the weekend and my thoughts, heart and love are with Stacey right now. We can't wait to see Grandpa soon!! He's almost in the air as we speak. Strength to my mom and Gary also!

Lots of love!

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