Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Get your hands dirty, people! COME PLAY!!!

News! UPDATE! Thrills! LOL

Well the blogland updates have been quiet, but for those of you on FB you know I've been around - maybe a little too much. :) I wanted to share a few updates and get some feedback. Be sure to comment here or shoot me an email when you decide to respond.

First bit of news is that I was approved to teach classes in the Enrichment Program at my daughter's elementary school here in Orinda, CA. I'm so excited to get started the first two classes are this afternoon. We're doing something called Art Booking... its sort of like squishing a scrapbook into an art journal. We'll be using reclaimed board books to play around with different background techniques and then adding images that the kids either chose from their own collection or found in a magazine. Then we'll be journalling, writing poetry and just generally getting our feelings out about what we see. COOL! Kids who are brave in their art really do touch my heart! I can't WAIT to see how they interpret things! Want these classes at your child's school? Give me a call!

Second bit of news is that I'm moving my artwork out of good old Lafayette Gallery and into the whimsical and charming Tangerine shop in Dublin! I'll be working with Gina a few days a week helping around the shop, doing one on one type lessons in shrine and soldering work and spreading my wings to see where the breeze will take me. Drop by Wednesdays and Thursdays to pick up gifts or art supplies, see what I'm working on or pick up your latest issues of the Somerset magazines.

Feb 7th RoW hOuSeS Tangerine, Dublin, CA 10am - 3pm $65 includes follow up video!
We'll be making FABULOUS Soldered Houses. Bring your own family vintage images (or use mine!) and any flat ephemera that's been begging to be used, really give yourself permission to use that vintage lace, the beautiful Dresden papers, the GORGEOUS and DEVINE are at home in these jazzed up row houses! Want to make a village? Kits will be available!

To sign up for either a one on one lesson in the shop or a workshop shoot me an email at julee at heartcollective dot com or call me 925.864.9708 and we'll make all of the arrangements for you!

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