Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We're moving on down the road...

Never mind that the text is backwards... I took this picture with the photobooth app on my MacDaddy... it is simply the best I can do right now given the dust, chaos and general lack of time to be more creative with my pix! LOL

There is a little rumor going around... We're moving and its true! We totally are moving... right down the street.  Alexia will be at the same school and play with the same kids. We are streamlining things. Simplifying our lives (ahem!) I swear things will be more simple in our little red house. 

We'll have half the space, all be on one floor instead of 3, and art will be made everywhere we go.
Sweet, simple, smart. Kind of like the Littlest Herrmann.

This is all happening more quickly than I imagined so, I've cancelled the classes for the rest of the summer and will add one or two back if we get unpacked while there is still sun.

In the mean time don't forget to GET YOUR CRAFT ON!!!

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