Friday, April 9, 2010

We have a Winner, art camp,and MORE FREE art supplies!

Here they are... lovely and brave... smart and silly... 
our magazine came together really nicely. We'll be sending it off to be printed, the girls are thrilled.
We have recipes, silly stories, articles about plants and animals, a feature article about what's Hip & Hot AND 
A celebrity interview!!!

Of course, I'll share when its all done... 
Here's a cute picture of them all making the backgrounds for their articles...
Its going to be a quiet couple of days with my little one at Grammy's.
I'll fill the time with demoing at Michael's on Sunday and I get to share some techniques with some of my favorite ladies as I go teach 

Soldered Row Houses
The Sweetest Place in Dublin:
7038 Village Parkway
Dublin, CA
Noon - 4pm

A spot just came open so if you're so inclined pop in, I'll have extra kits available!

Ok... Now, the moment you ALL have been waiting for...
the big winner of last week's giveaway 
is none other than the lovely and talented

Next up...
Leave a comment on this blog post to win a drop of sunshine, a mailbox full of warmth, chance to feel the love of Mellow Yellow... oh and a scary skelly with glowing teal eyes!

Have a fab weekend...I know these girls will!


  1. i absolutely adore the pics of these girls!!!!!

    THEY ROCK!!!!!!!!!

    my package of red lovliness arrived safely!! thank you!!

    wishing you a magical weekend!

  2. Camp looks fun! :) And I love your skull with the glowing teal eyes!

  3. The girls are adorable!

    That's a great stash of yellowness!


  4. So fun!! I can't wait to see the finished product (: I know it's a day they will remember for a lifetime (:

  5. I want to come create in the room with the girls. Looks like fun. Love the mannequins.

  6. Adorable and super cute pictures!

    I'm glad I stumbled across your's a beauty!



Oooooh BLoGgEE love!