Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WooooFREAKIN'Hooooo!!!! BACK to School!

Is it wrong that I'm *THIS* excited (albeit slightly less dorky) about the new school year? The Littlest Herrmann starts 2nd grade tomorrow and I get to get back to work!

I have so many ideas...projects, workshops, classes, camps and MORE MORE MORE!!!

Stay tuned and keep your eyes on this spot... STUFF'S Gonna be happenin'!

We'll be gettin' our CRAFT ON!!!!

Sorry Santa.. Back to School is the MOST wonderful time of the year! 


  1. It is SO NOT wrong! I'm right there with you, sister! We have to wait until Sept. 1st, though!

  2. It's not wrong at all- I felt the very same way. I also agree that it's the most wonderful time of the year!! ;-)


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