Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Walk on the Wild Side Wednesday

Last week was all about my inner word geek... that one got some people talking. It was interesting to me to use my brain in that way. This week, after finalizing my videos for my online course and getting them all transferred over to my lovely hostess with the mostess, Gail Schmidt all I want to do is play! I wanna look at bright colors and twirl around like a goof ball and laugh loud and hard and long!

This week's prescription was filled by a fellow Creative Workshops member who happens to be local! We hooked up on Gail's site and decided that we MUST get together! I brought along my side kick and fellow adventurer, Steph Jordan and headed for California's original capitol... Benicia!

Check out the fun we had!

Port of Benicia 

No sooner had we arrived when Carrie shop owner of Hip Chick Deisgns was pulling down a tutu for Steph to slip into...
Inside Hip Chick herself is using her special tutu retrieving tool!

You can see why we call this Lady "Diva" she's so shy!

That's me hiding behind the flash!

Give Steph a tutu and some sunshine and she'll sing for you and skip, too!

Carrie knows how and where to rock a tutu!

Besides being a shop owner, Carrie is an artist, too! Photography and Acrylic Paintings often have a  tutu!

Pet Portraits by Carrie!

How about this one Carrie? Its got it all tutu and beloved pet!

This is Delilah Ann Josephine!
Its a pleasure to have an adventure, its double fun when you bring a friend along... TRIPLE fun when you make a new friend along the way!

More on that tomorrow!
GO Get YouR cRaFt ON!!!



  1. I LOVE THIS POST! You are too funny, and hopping around in a tutu was a fabulous way to spend the day LOL. :-)

  2. thanks Julee for the press, my world is even more bright now you and Steph are in the world.....


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