Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's coming up? Workshops, that's what!

Workshop time is upon us!

I'm thrilled to be able to offer 3 of my popular workshops in an online format for just $55!

What do you get? Fun, silliness and inspiration for beginning soldering instruction, that's what!

5 videos...

First off is Tool Talk! This is where I compare several different products and tools giving pros and cons and show you my "basic kit" and my "deluxe kit". I share my resources with you so that you can have a tool kit custom built for you!

Next is the Jump ring video... those pesky jump rings get their own lesson!

Projects include The Row Houses course... 
Student Sample

They are extra special if you use your own family, this is my Great Grandmother

A pendant bauble - its a bauble you can wear! 

This piece has a little depth so that you can add a button or  bead to your collage

One of my student's favorite projects is the Bauble workshop. This project features larger domed glass providing plenty of space for your whimsies to take up residence! I'll be personally purchasing and shipping these to you if you don't have a resource. Sizes vary based on availability.
student sample

Build your own dreamy bauble!

Plus! As a bonus I'm throwing in a SHAMWOW! No, just kidding. Its my 1x3 video... it was the first one I filmed and edited... watch the history of silliness taking place! Wait, that's 6 videos!!! for only $55?!? I'm practically GIVIN' the stuff away :)

Head on over to Gail's site for all of the details! The fun begins on March 1st so get your self all signed up and get ready to get crafty! Let either Gail or I know if you've got any questions!

Now, if you are still with me AND you're relatively local then get your calendars out! You can click on the flier and save it if you'd like to print it out.

Saturday, April 9th Hip Chick Designs will be hosting me for a workshop in her "happy place". Carrie's studio/shop is in Benicia's Port district and is filled with tutus, modern creations and vintage finds! This girl has an eye... you should definitely check it out! We've barely told anyone about this until now and Carrie just texted me that are only 3 spots left in the class! Call Carrie to reserve your spot for the beginning soldering course 707.747.5543 Hip Chick Designs is located at 946 Tyler Street, Benicia. It has art galleries, studios and consignment shops nearby... come play!

The Row Houses a beginners soldering course. April 9th 11am - 3pm $65 All supplies included.

If you're still still with me... I am currently offering 3 children's workshops which are all sold out, but super inspiring to me and fun for the kiddos! This summer I will be offering a mixed media clothing and jewelry workshop at two different times to accommodate vacation schedules... so far I'm just waiting for a date on another engagement before I post the information about Summer CAMP!!! Can you believe it?

Good grief! Get off the computer and GO GET your CrAfT on!!!

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