Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Summer is really on its way NOW!

I've sort of been in denial about the end of the school year being on its way... so much is happening in our little corner of paradise that its been fairly easy.

We had a visit from the man with the red sneakers which ended up to be a cool (in fact down right chilly!)  fundraiser for our school!

Jon Troast rockin' the Moraga redwood grove!

We hit Disneyland for an early birthday for our very own princess

Alexia's impression of Tink is pretty good!!
Celebrations come in every shape and size around here these days!

We had a birthday party for Lexee's favorite pet, Sweetee Pie
I taught an art class or two 

Lovely mandala by a lovely student!

Kinder pinch pots at Sankofa Academy
Open House was awesome! We love seeing everything that Alexia and her classmates have been achieving!

Lex during her Spanish class presentation

Class field trips are my favorite way of staying in tune with the kids
The girl are discussing surrealism at Bedford Gallery
All sorts of Spring time characters have paid us visits

Silk Moth just out of its cocoon
Spotty and Dotty the deer twins

Our normally tame Spring has been quite different this year, this gorgeous sunset was captured at a rained out pool party

View to San Pablo Reservoir

But there is no denying it... school is out this Friday, my little girl is turning 8 this Sunday, Summertime is definitely on its way now!!!

Time to bust out the sunscreen and dust off the boogie boards and head for the beach!

Now go get your craft ON!!!


  1. You've been VERY busy -- and yes, summer arrives once school is over. Swimming and sunscreen and fun time outdoors. Love the photo of Lexie doing her Spanish presentation -- love her sense of style@

  2. Hi!!!!!!!!!!! Long time! So nice to stop by and see all the goodness you've been up to. I am so glad summer's here. It really makes a world of difference in my whole outlook on life. Wow, you're daughter's getting to be a big girl! She is beautiful, just like her mom. HUGS! Serena

  3. Wow, you all are sooooo busy! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment and thanks especially for ordering a copy of my Zine! I've missed you, girlee! Big HUGS, Marilyn


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