Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tutorial HeArt Strings for Valentines or any Day!

Will you be my Valentine?
I am a romantic, what can I say? I love the idea of chocolates and flowers and ooey gooey love poems and lacy cards and big gestures that knock your socks off... its just how I'm made...

Valentine's Day is a fun time at our place. My husband and I had our first date on Valentine's Day 2000 at a favorite restaurant, with a nice bottle of wine and a Pearl Jam compilation CD... cracks me up to think back 12 years ago (!) to that day when he was a hour and a half late because he made a wrong turn taking him to a different part of the Bay Area over a bridge he had never crossed! LOL Gotta forgive the Wisconsin boy who couldn't find my little town.

Well, needless to say, we've been together ever since and are still celebrating our first date anniversary with the rest of you Valentine's revelers (are there Valentine's revelers?)!

This Winter Alexia and I made string upon string of sweet paper hearts for decorations around the Herrmann House. We had them on our tree as garland and now we've got paper hearts strung up in our bedroom.

The project was really simple, each of us sewed our string, but you could also glue them to ribbons if you're not into sewing.  Here are some pictures of our process:

cut out lots of lovely hearts of different sizes

Alexia loved the tiniest hearts!

We began with a ribbon
at the top and then...

Chain stitched away

Sew through each heart
and keep stitching 

add your next heart, don't worry
too much about spacing

Before you know it! 

You'll be doing the "I made my
own HeArt String!" dance, too.

Stitch them horizontally for a
more traditional garland!

Holly, our elf, LOVED
hanging out in them

I am in love with the vintage
 book page strings
 that are now strung up in my room
Now go get your cRaFt On!!!


Oooooh BLoGgEE love!